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Meet Harj

Harj S. Sahota, BA Photo

Harj S. Sahota, BA

Senior Investment Advisor - Manulife Wealth Inc.

LIfe Insurance Advisor - Manulife Wealth Insurance Services Inc. 

In serving my clients’ diverse range of financial needs over the last 21 years, I have successfully weathered many market cycles. More importantly, I have navigated through the ever-changing needs and goals of our clients to help them be successful during each stage of life.

In taking the time to understand each of my clients, I work through important matters relating to retirement  planning, estate and wealth transfer, philanthropy, insurance and even business succession.

My clients range from entrepreneurs to professionals to retired individuals and their families. Despite the many differences in my clients, one thing they have in common is that they are busy and value the advice that I offer them.

As a result, they have come to rely on our professional services, which in turn allow them to focus more on the other important aspects of their life. 

Direct Line: (416) 601-3289